True and emotional memories

Hey, my name is Ulla, and I’m a Tasmanian wedding photographer based in Hobart. 

Wedding day is a joyful moment of your life

You should live it and enjoy the every moment

Long way to get this far! Why take the risk?

Sometimes, couples frustrated with over pose or the awkwardness

Hey! Let’s do it another way. 

Let’s make it natural, let it be real You on the photographs

Our style and way of photography is to capture the real moments to tell the story.

All those precious moments captured flawlessly in a relaxed manner

So just have fun! Get emotional! Go crazy! Feel each other! Live that day!

Be You

Some recent wedding photography series to illustrate our style:



Live the day, enjoy the every moment, cherish each other

Let the skilled professionals to take care of wedding photography for you

Our team of professional Tasmanian wedding photographers is here to help you, we will live that day with you capturing the most emotional and intimate moments and saving them for you as a magical story that would last for generations.

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Our Photography Team

Every moment of the Wedding is unique, and to capture everything from the best angle we believe that two photographers is the only option. That is why there always two of us, to see the same unique moment through a different lens resulting absolutely diverse photographs. Every single package we offer always include two photographers as we believe you deserve the best and that is only way to create that magical and touching story of your wedding day.

Ulla is the Tasmanian wedding photographer with catchy eye for emotional moments and tends to create classical wedding photographs interacting with the guests and couple to reveal emotions and capture the every single thing!

Ulla Nordwood Tasmanian wedding photographer from Hobart
Ulla Nordwood Hobart wedding photographer
Main Photographer


Tasmanian wedding photographer Egor from Ulla Nordwood Photography
Egor from Ulla Nordwood wedding photography team
Assistant Photographer


Egor as secondary wedding photographer follows the more art-style photography and attempts to stay away and remain unseen with the telescopic lens to capture the most intimate moments of real people who are not posing for the camera but rather interacting with each other.


Tasmanian wedding photographer Hobart

Ulla Nordwood Photography is a team of wedding photography professionals from Tasmania, Hobart (available statewide).

Natural, easy and romantic style without strict posing reveals the magical moments of your wedding day.

Two Photographers

Nothing will remain uncaptured

Every collection we offer include the coverage by two photographers to create solid story out of very diverse photographs. Working in different styles and using various approaches to make the whole process relaxed and natural, we'll let you enjoy the Wedding.

Every photo edited

Natural but beautiful

We edit every single photo we give you in our natural style, no over-editing, and we do it personally to keep the same style as you may expect from our portfolio. We developed our style and editing technique for more than 10 years focusing on natural beauty of the moments we capture.

No Limits!

Yes, no limits!

You will have all the good photographs we'll be able to capture, no limits. You'll have all the photographs in digital form with full downloading and printing rights, and also we provide additional services of creating prints and wall arts.

Fine Art Album

Included in every collection we offer

We believe that Wedding Album is a real value to the family as it keeps the memories and connects generations. Every our collection includes Weeding Album that we'll design together interactively to create perfect and unique piece of art.

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You deserve only the best for your wedding. And we want to be sure that our team is the best choice for you.

We do not take every opportunity to shoot wedding. As a professionals, for us it is utterly important that couples we work with are sharing our brand values.

We would love to know more about you and your story. Please fill the form and we’ll contact you as soon as it ever possible!

However if you feel that filling the form is too impersonal way to start, just hit us by email or phone and we’ll chat in person in our studio or meet virtually via zoom.

Ulla Nordwood Photography, Tasmanian wedding photographer


Kind Words

Some of the heartwarming words our couples share with us



I was literally crying of happiness, and then laughing 🙂


You are so talented!

She so experienced and so energised with one basic thing - make perfect photos and help you with your wedding day to make it perfect 🙂

Alex and Alex

Just amazing!

So alive, so emotional, so real!


Ulla Nordwood Photography

Tasmanian wedding photographer located in Hobart, available statewide.

Ulla Nordwood Wedding Photography

Ulla Nordwood Wedding Photography

Ulla Nordwood, Hobart Wedding Photographer. Experienced artist with sensitive approach.



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