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What our clients say about us and our work

Just amazing!

When we searched for a photographer for the wedding we mostly based our decisions on portfolio, and were looking so long... Until we saw Ulla's photos, which were so alive, so emotional, so real.. And very "tasty".

We met Ulla in person, and she's so sunny and smiley person, so creative and inspiring! I believe her unique view of the wedding day is what actually makes miracle of her art. She helped us to organize everything smoothly with her professional advises, not about photo session, but about almost everything related to the wedding :)

The wedding day was great, regardless of it's unusual format and timeline, the hard light at the wedding hall, Ulla made a great shots! :) She caught all real emotions, bright and live moments with her cameras, so you feel the day when look at the photos! The photos we made near the water a stunning state of art! :)

Thank you very much Ulla for being with us on that day and all your tips, advises, help, for being so positive and for making so magnificent photos, that will delight us many years! :)


You are so talented!

When we met for the first time, Ulla gave us endless number of ideas for the great wedding photos :) We were so exited!! :) Wanted to use all of those ideas :) Also we very thankful for helping us to plan everything in case of rain :) It's so amazing that she so experienced and so energized with one basic thing - make perfect photos and help you with your wedding day to make it perfect :)

On the wedding day she came very early and immediately started to make amazing shots :) After the registration we went to the beach, and the sun was very strong, but working with Ulla was a please, she was so cool that sometimes I forgot that it's a photo-session and not just a seaside walk :)

We have our photos 4 months after the wedding, and they were perfect, so beautiful and happy, so warm memories :) It's like a fairy tale! :) I keep watching them all the time, and showing to all my friends and relatives... Thank you for all your efforts and for making our photos so charming :) We wish you all the best luck in your business and unlimited inspiration! :)



Ulla, thank you!

Yesterday I got my photos, and first time watched myself, then with husband. I was literally crying of happiness, and then laughing :)

Looking the photos I can see for sure that I was having fun all the time! :) Eric said that we're looking so good on photos, even better then in real life :) Really, there is a tenderness, and true love, and we are so beautiful, everything is just super :) THANK YOU! :)

But!!! I want to say that that is was so comfortable with you on that special day... Even starting from morning I was totally sure that photos will be perfect, left all my worries and relaxed for a whole wedding day!

Please go on and do what you do, make people happier and closer, and I wish you success!


We love it! 

A huge thank you to Ulla for capturing some beautiful moments of me, my husband and our daughter as we celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary.


It was a really fun experience and we are delighted with the photos. I'm now in the process of printing out our favourites to send to family and friends around the world.


I would absolutely recommend Ulla - so professional and clearly very passionate about her work.


Thank you again!  xox