Wedding Day at Steeles Island Retreat

Bethany and Daniel’s Wedding Day Steeles Island Retreat, Tasmania

Bethany and Daniel’s Wedding Day at Steeles Island Retreat, Tasmania

Date: 6th March 2021



Ulla Nordwood Photography

Steeles Island Retreat

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The sun was just beginning to peek out from behind the horizon as Bethany and Daniel woke up on their special day. Even from a distance, they could hear the calming sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. They were both filled with excitement knowing that today was finally their wedding day at Steele’s Island Retreat in Tasmania. After they had each finished getting ready, it was time for them to head down to the beach where their ceremony would take place. When everyone gathered around, Bethany couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful for all of those who had come along on this journey with them so far – family and friends alike – there were even some friendly faces from overseas who made an effort to fly over and celebrate this special occasion too! The atmosphere around them exuded nothing but love and joy; exactly what these two deserved after all that they have been through together thus far! As they exchanged vows beneath a warm blanket of sunshine and blue skies, there wasn’t a dry eye amongst anyone present – not even between themselves! It truly felt like one giant happy ending brought into reality by fate itself; no matter how much time has passed or where life may take them next, neither will ever forget how magical this moment turned out being surrounded by such beautiful scenery which served as an apt backdrop for such a perfect event in their lives.
Ulla Nordwood Photography

Ulla Nordwood Photography

Ulla Nordwood, Wedding Photographer in Hobart, Tasmania. Experienced artist with sensitive approach.



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