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When we speak about the money, there’s no simple answer as always and the main goal is to find a perfect match, photography team that would fit the budget but will capture the precious moments in perfect manner that will let you cherish the memories looking on photographs that captured real you.

So when we speak about the budget of wedding photography, the only thing may be told is the average wedding photographer cost as there is a difference in location, experience and skill, and of course the “package”.

Wedding packages (we prefer to say wedding collections in Ulla Nordwood Photography) is a customised approach to quote the wedding photography services for your day. And there are as many collections as photographers because everyone design wedding packages differently.

In the Ulla Nordwood Photography team we believe in value of wedding photographs for the couple, as the photographs is the only thing you’ll have years after the Day, and they’ll let you refresh the memories and live that day again and again. That is why every our collection includes the coverage by two photographers who work in different styles to create solid story of your special day with the very diverse and bright photographs.

Wedding Cake captured by Ulla Nordwood at Glen Albyn Estate

The other thing affecting the wedding photographer cost is whether the wedding collection includes wedding album. We believe in prints as it is hard to find the time to list lots of digitas photographs oftenly, because everybody are busy; but it’s easy to grab the wedding album and just dive in to the memories of love and joy. That is why every wedding quote by Ulla Nordwood includes Wedding Album.

Ulla Nordwood Photography

Ulla Nordwood Photography

Ulla Nordwood, Wedding Photographer in Hobart, Tasmania. Experienced artist with sensitive approach.



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