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If you’ve ever dreamt of a wedding venue steeped in history and natural beauty, look no further than Ratho Farm. As Ulla Nordwood, a dedicated wedding photographer, I’ve been honoured to capture many unforgettable moments at this timeless venue. Its combination of historic charm and idyllic rural setting makes it a unique and captivating location for your special day. With its lush, open landscapes, pristine river and charming old buildings, Ratho Farm offers a picturesque setting for your wedding photos.


As you step onto the grounds of Ratho Farm, you’re greeted by a sense of tranquillity and a connection to history that is deeply palpable. Picture your ceremony taking place under a sprawling ancient tree, your vows echoing against the backdrop of the softly flowing Clyde River. The property’s heritage buildings, dating back to the 1820s, lend an unparalleled old-world charm to your special day, creating an atmosphere of elegance and nostalgia.

From a photographer’s perspective, Ratho Farm is truly a paradise. The soft, natural light filters through the mature trees, creating a dreamy atmosphere that is perfect for capturing romantic moments. The historic buildings, the untouched beauty of the Australian landscape, and the ever-changing palette of the Clyde River provide an endless source of inspiration for Ulla Nordwood wedding photography. Every corner of this remarkable venue promises a unique, enchanting backdrop for your wedding portraits.

Choosing Ratho Farm as your wedding venue means embracing a rich historical narrative, rural serenity, and unforgettable natural beauty. The team at Ratho Farm is committed to making every wedding a cherished event, providing impeccable service to ensure that your day runs smoothly. As a photographer, I am excited to capture your love story amidst the rustic charm and timeless beauty of Ratho Farm, creating a collection of images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Ulla Nordwood Photography

Ulla Nordwood Photography

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